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In this same day, 4 years ago, some friends got together because it would be fun to do a game. Why not? As we planned that it would take only one single day every week? One game, it shouldn’t be that difficult…

4 years have passed since that original idea. A single project transformed into an entrepreneurship that would make projects, several of them. The team perceived together, learning from their mistakes as making games turned out to be a little bit more complicated than it seemed.

Now, after a few projects and one release soon to come, we thank everyone that supported us in this walk that is, still, only in the beginning.


Ahoy folks!

So, as you can see we have “finished” two projects in this last trimester. But we have to use the quotes here because there is still one last step so we can call a project finished: make it avaliable in a game portal so that you, our beloved player, can invest into our future games while playing the current ones. (i.e: to buy ; )

For several strategic reasons thoroughly discussed by our team, we decided to make available the current versions of Semblante and Mnemons for free here in the website. Nevertheless, we have implemented this fantastic PayPal’s donation button (just by your side, if you are viewing this post in owr website). It is quite fast to create an account and contribute with the ammount that you feel it’s fair enough!

If you enjoyed our games, or if you like Aduge, and wanna see more results sooner: just click it! x ) Many thanks, pal!

Hey all!

Although our activities has slowed down and Tsar Project is taking a little nap, Adugans are right now in full speed finishing our Semblante’s port to Scirra’s Construct, along with a quite big remake. (For first time readers, you can find some more information about Semblante throughout our blog)

All this effort is to take part at this year’s IGF (Independent Games Festival), mostly to obtain valuable insights with their feedbacks as Tsar will be a fierce opponent next year! ;B

Soon you’ll be able to check out the results! For now, you can check our team in a serious decision meeting.

Young! For all of you that wants to understand better what the hell is a sound designer, we found an interesting text - but portuguese only… (Portugal portuguese, btw).

We will start a brief-post-serie about what Tsar sounds will be and from where all this idea came from.
To begin with listen to Peter and the Wolf from Prokofiev (with a bonus: this version has Bowie as narrator!). It’s a composition written in 1936 at Soviet Union in which each character is represented by an instrument. More info at wikipedia, an interesting reading.

And what about Tsar? Yeah, this idea was our starting point, mix it with the game’s conceptualization and in the end each character will be represented by a different instrument!
Wtf? How can this happen?
Stay tuned, more sound updates soon!

After 11 months working on Tsar Project we are finally “ending” the pre-production stage. The pre-production was all about a discovery process, mostly the first opening of a double diamond process,  that in a way validates the early concept stages.

What must mark the beginning of production is a stage where we do not have any kind of uncertainties or doubts and can work on a “final” version of the software, without getting around different ways of doing things and without any big scope or feature changes.

The Production Planning we discussed the answers to questions that our testing and experimenting didn’t solve 100% and even the ones that testing and experimenting themselves had raised. The end result of our planning was excellent. More details… on the next chapters!

By the way, the one posting is Marcel Pace, executive producer of Tsar Project. (I rarely post here… You know, sound, music, project managing and process managing… kinda busy here, hehe! )

So, we have two big news for our readers!

First of all, we’ve been approved into the “Incubator” of the Technological University of our state (Paraná)! The important fact is that now Aduge has a physical place to exist! Quite small, but it helps a lot. We also have a weird kind of bonus: we need to show our accomplishments to the people that run this “Incubator”. (They seem to be really easy going about that, though… but I think we are doing pretty well being our own bosses!)

Second, we’ve just returned from our immersive Strategic Planning, an event that put every member of Aduge in one place (Itapoá, south of Brazil) for 4 days in a row. We actually worked some weeks before to prepare that, and finished everything 2 weeks after coming back. Quite an effort… But it seems that working will be easier now on!

Just to illustrate what we need to accomplish in the next few months, a mental map of our Future Vision:


Future Vision Map_2008

This is Funnnah!  ; )
The one who talks to you is Marcel Pace.
Sound Designer of Cedilha and taking care of Aduge’s management issues.
Enthusiastic on Design Management, Design, Management, Art, Photography, Video, Drums, Funk, Rock, Samba, Bichinho and a weird combination of deep-dark-blue and black.
And a Producer wannabe.


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