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Hey everyone!
This is the result of our Global Game Jam 48 hour effort: Mnemons! This year’s GGJ theme was Extinction.

Mnemons is a top-down 2 player co-op game taking place in a childish memoryscape. Players controls toys that must retrieve important objects from the memoryscape in order to avoid the complete extinction of that memory.

The players are, however, suffering from a condition similar to neurological extinction, where two identical, symmetrical, inputs makes them inoperable or inefficient.

You can download the game at it’s Global Game Jam page

Hello again! January is turning out to be a busy month for us adugans. We began this month full throttle preparing the release of Semblante (Anniversary Edition) which is the definitive version of Semblante (we promise).

Also, last Saturday we made a workshop at PUC-PR at a warm up event for the Global Game Jam 2011. We showcased the Scirra Construct game creator, teaching the basics of how to create quick prototypes and games. We believe that Construct is an ideal software for events like Global Game Jam due to it’s ease of use and the speed in which anyone can build a solid prototype.

Well, next Friday it is the Global Game Jam 2011. Aduge will be present at PUC-PR Jam Site (one of the biggest in the world!) and by next week expect tons of good news from us.

See you soon.

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