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Here it is. This is the final version of Semblante, dubbed Semblante 3.0 or Anniversary Edition, since we wanted to release it at the eve of Global Game Jam 2011. Unfortunately we missed the deadline by a matter of hours (really) and decided to release this version of Semblante only after our work with Mnemons was done (and the SXSW contest tight deadline was clear).

What has changed? Well, basically everything. We put a good 3 weeks of work on this particular version of Semblante (before it, both 1.0 and 2.0 were 48h efforts). This means that the game is bigger and more polished all around, with navigable menus, volume control and some other stuff we usually take for granted like checkpoints and a pause screen. Also, we put a distinct personality in each of the game’s shadows (and their own proper puzzle to retrieve them), revamped the game’s graphics (especially Jung’s animations) and redesigned the game’s sound effects and music (courtesy of our friend Hermann Rauth). We’re also able to finally put the game’s original script to good use, putting some contextual, albeit obscure, text integrated within the game’s backgrounds.

You can download Semblante 3.0 for free here or at the game’s page.

EDIT (18:30 BRT): The file available for download was corrupted. It should be fixed now.

Just a quick update: we are officially listed on IndieDB which is probably the best game database for indie games on the web today. Also both Mnemons and Semblante have their own pages.

In other news, we are wrapping things up here and both Mnemons and Semblante will have their final (for now) builds. We are preparing a series of posts for both games, detailing aspects of their brief development (both were developed in a 3 week time-frame). Expect the final builds to be released by the end of the week and the posts following soon thereafter.

Hello again! January is turning out to be a busy month for us adugans. We began this month full throttle preparing the release of Semblante (Anniversary Edition) which is the definitive version of Semblante (we promise).

Also, last Saturday we made a workshop at PUC-PR at a warm up event for the Global Game Jam 2011. We showcased the Scirra Construct game creator, teaching the basics of how to create quick prototypes and games. We believe that Construct is an ideal software for events like Global Game Jam due to it’s ease of use and the speed in which anyone can build a solid prototype.

Well, next Friday it is the Global Game Jam 2011. Aduge will be present at PUC-PR Jam Site (one of the biggest in the world!) and by next week expect tons of good news from us.

See you soon.

Here it is, a quick update to Semblante (now on v2.1):

* Fixed two boring bugs involving Shadow fusion

* Level Design tweaks (now it should be more forgiving)

* Removed Jung’s anticipation while jumping.

The new version can be downloaded here.

Just to update you guys on what we are up to lately: there will be a new Semblante version coming soon. December 2nd to be more precise. See you soon.

EDIT: Ops. Looks like we will miss the deadline because of some health problems (and some pendent graduation project errands). New version should be uploaded tomorrow (December 3rd).

Following our commitment to keep in touch with our readers, here is a batch of fresh news to you!

From the 08th to the 10th of November, Aduge was in Florinópolis to the SBGames 2010. Between the usual networking, inspiring keynotes and long treks under the sun, we had the surprise of Sembante, in it’s Global Game Jam incarnation, being awarded on the SBGames’ Indie Festival. The awards were the 2nd “Best Game Overall” and “Best Game Design”. Thanks to the judges! To everyone that is coming here to the Ghostboard because of Semblante, make sure to try the updated, IGF version.

Also among the best paper awards we had our share of surprises: congratulations to our two dear adugans, Bruno Bulhões and Thiago ‘Beto’ Alves, for the award of best paper on the Art & Design track.

Going forward a little, it is with great relief that we can announce that 5/6 members of our team already presented their graduation projects. Our positive energies stay with the 1/6 that didn’t. =]

And with this we finish this particular brief round of updates. When we recover from the excitement of these past few days we will return full speed ahead!

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