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So, we have two big news for our readers!

First of all, we’ve been approved into the “Incubator” of the Technological University of our state (Paraná)! The important fact is that now Aduge has a physical place to exist! Quite small, but it helps a lot. We also have a weird kind of bonus: we need to show our accomplishments to the people that run this “Incubator”. (They seem to be really easy going about that, though… but I think we are doing pretty well being our own bosses!)

Second, we’ve just returned from our immersive Strategic Planning, an event that put every member of Aduge in one place (Itapoá, south of Brazil) for 4 days in a row. We actually worked some weeks before to prepare that, and finished everything 2 weeks after coming back. Quite an effort… But it seems that working will be easier now on!

Just to illustrate what we need to accomplish in the next few months, a mental map of our Future Vision:


Future Vision Map_2008

This is Funnnah!  ; )
The one who talks to you is Marcel Pace.
Sound Designer of Cedilha and taking care of Aduge’s management issues.
Enthusiastic on Design Management, Design, Management, Art, Photography, Video, Drums, Funk, Rock, Samba, Bichinho and a weird combination of deep-dark-blue and black.
And a Producer wannabe.


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