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Ahoy folks!

So, as you can see we have “finished” two projects in this last trimester. But we have to use the quotes here because there is still one last step so we can call a project finished: make it avaliable in a game portal so that you, our beloved player, can invest into our future games while playing the current ones. (i.e: to buy ; )

For several strategic reasons thoroughly discussed by our team, we decided to make available the current versions of Semblante and Mnemons for free here in the website. Nevertheless, we have implemented this fantastic PayPal’s donation button (just by your side, if you are viewing this post in owr website). It is quite fast to create an account and contribute with the ammount that you feel it’s fair enough!

If you enjoyed our games, or if you like Aduge, and wanna see more results sooner: just click it! x ) Many thanks, pal!

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