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Hey all!

Although our activities has slowed down and Tsar Project is taking a little nap, Adugans are right now in full speed finishing our Semblante’s port to Scirra’s Construct, along with a quite big remake. (For first time readers, you can find some more information about Semblante throughout our blog)

All this effort is to take part at this year’s IGF (Independent Games Festival), mostly to obtain valuable insights with their feedbacks as Tsar will be a fierce opponent next year! ;B

Soon you’ll be able to check out the results! For now, you can check our team in a serious decision meeting.

7 Comments on “Semblante 2.0”

  1. Ella 2010.10.19 04h50

    O pouco que vi do semblante ta muito bacana e quero que vocês saibam que eu acredito nessa seriedade que envolve essa equipe centrada e maravilhosa. (vide foto)
    Keep smiling and carry on.

    * A fantástica fotógrafa. (pombas marcel)

  2. Maperns 2010.10.19 04h50

    And there you can see our friend Johnny the Penguin!!1

  3. Teófilo Guenesiano 2010.10.19 04h50

    Muito bem, caras, façam isso, mostrem pra eles!

  4. Florzinha 2010.10.19 04h50

    Where’s Maperns face? And is that a tequilla bottle? Oh dear…

  5. Amora B. 2010.10.19 04h50

    HAHAHahahahah!! Que foto ÓTIMAAAA!! xD O Pirin tá ridículo! HAHAHAHahhahahahahahahaha xDDD~

    Aaeee todo mundo no IGF!! *-* Hihih!
    Que saudades de vcs! ;_;

  6. marcelpace 2010.10.19 04h50

    Vem pra cá!

  7. Cupcake 2010.10.19 04h50

    Infinitos níveis de seriedade nesta foto.

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