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Hello again. Last time I introduced our current project, Qasir, answering some questions that might had popped about it. This second update starts with an announcement: Qasir, along with our other 2011 projects - Mnemons and Semblante - are submitted to the Indiecade festival. Whether or not we will net an honorable mention or even grab a finalist spot remains to be seen, but having the game submitted for judging at a playable state is actually what’s most important for us right now.

So, yes, the game is already in an advanced, playable state. We already began playtesting sessions with a QA team since last week and we already achieved a production pipeline that allows us to rack up new builds (with new features and the occasional bugfixes) almost daily. At this point in time, we have one of the four sections of the palace in a fully playable state (which is roughly 16-20% of the game, actually) encompassing the game’s introduction, tutorial and the first core objective. Unfortunately we are not yet ready for Beta tests, still having some heavy bugs to sort out, a major gameplay feature to implement and some other minor tweaks that are needed before the game can reach potential consumers as a Beta.

Which leads us to, well, were are we going. Our next milestone is, obviously, hitting Beta, making the game fully playable from the beginning until the end with a level of polish good enough for public scrutiny. The deadline is July 8th, just 3 weeks from now. This deadline is tight, but achievable and will mark the closing steps of the production stage of the project and the first steps of post-production/polishing.

And that’s it for today. But before I end this update, you can check some screenshots of the latest builds of the game after the break. See you soon!

  1. Florzinha
    2011.06.21 17h15

    Nice to see the work, it looks great! Is the character on the top right part of the HUD?

    PS: I think there was a mistake with the last two uploaded pics =)

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