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This year Brazil will host it’s first international independent games festival, BIG. It is shaping up to be a great, well organized event, and we’re thrilled with expectations! The festival will comprise of one month worth of exhibitions at an acclaimed audio-visual art museum, a much anticipated business forum, keynotes and panels with renowned guests and, of course, a prize ceremony!

Also, we are very happy to announce that Qasir al-Wasat is among its finalists, announced just last week. Our dear game was nominated for two prizes: Brazil Breakthrough, a category dedicated to emerging brazilian developers like us, and Best Narrative in the international section.

The complete list of finalists counts 19 great games, from 10 different countries! BIG will award 6 prizes - one for each categories - and you can check the complete list in our fellow Collective blog SuperBRbros [portuguese only]!

All the best!

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