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Hello again. So, if you were wondering what’s the fuzz about we changing layouts, our questionable header and we announcing the release of the final version of Mnemons in a long time (even though we left it as an incomplete demo), well, is the answer:

It’s a new project. You may be able to recognize a pattern in our naming for projects, this is Qasir Project, there is a Tsar Project. If you did make the connection you’re in the right trail: this game is basically a prologue for the Tsar Project. In the same way the Tsar Project is driven by the concepts of Aloneness and Patience it’s prologue deals with Gambit. With this in mind one can expect a game based in exchanges, high risks for high rewards.

As for the setting in this chapter we are aiming more on fantasy than on historical fiction, which has a central role in the Tsar Project. Some real world places and persons will be mentioned, but more in a tangential way. For instance instead of the Golden Palace of the Moscow Kremlin this time the story will unveil in Qasir al-Hayr fiy al-Wasat, a fictional palace that may, or may not, be located near the ancient city of Palmyra on 12th century Syria.

And this is it, expect more news and production updates soon. Happy easter, everyone!

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