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This is the first post of this blog, so, welcome to the Ghost Board curious reader.

So, what is this all about…
This is the company blog of Aduge Studio, an independent game developer from Brazil. We are currently a team of 6 people, plus one collaborator on one of our projects, who are joining efforts to make games. Art-games, or so we call it.

What we mean with art-games is not actually anything pompous, it’s just games where we express what we feel important to express. Games with our souls and passion engraved within its codes, rules, narratives, graphics… everything. Just like in every other independent developer.

So, what is expected to be found here… Well, mostly anything. On this blog Aduge’s individual members will express their own opinion on different subjects. Also, the company will show the progress of its ongoing projects. We divided the blog’s sections in four themes, reflecting each of our company values: Guts, Fun, Sincerity, Competence.

Guts is our resolve. Our daring attempt to follow our visions and dreams even when the odds are against us. It’s the courage that makes us confront the adversity. It’s the feel that moves us forward to achieve our goals.

Fun is, well, fun. We make games. We need to enjoy our work to be able to make something others will also enjoy. Fun is the main reward we actually get from working… as earning money is still a long way off.

Which takes us to Sincerity. We are straightforward about our origins, about what we can do and cannot, about our opinions, about everything. We will not hide this from our (future) fans, and will not try to appear as anything we aren’t.

Competence is our pursuit and obsession for quality. Everything we do, we do the best as we can. It should be noted that time is a crucial factor on quality also, so we try not to delay too much anything.

On to the games…
Our current project is called Cedilha. It is a Nintendo DS homebrew project. An interesting mix of platform and beat’em up. We plan to release it for free to be played by everyone that has some mean of booting homebrews on their systems and, oh well, on emulators also of course! Expect lots of news about this and our other projects on future posts.

Oh yes, we do have another project, but it’s still very far away, so let it linger for a while. Some posts will update our progress on it too, so stay tuned!

Well, the post is a little longer than expected. So, without further ado, welcome to the Ghost Board!

By the way, I’m Bruno Bulhões, also known as Pirate. I am the closest as can get of a CEO on Aduge, if anything. The others will soon make their appearances around this haunted board too. Look forward it.

See ya.

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