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Hello again and welcome to one more update of Aduge’s Strategic Plan!
Today was a long, full of expectations and as productive as the first one (or even more).

We woke up early, thinking already of today’s main goal: to find out our next Vision statement. And what is it? The situation where we’ll be in a future moment, projecting our conquering vision and what does that means.

The starting point was a well known script for those used to a Strategic Planning (and this time we’ve learned a lot about this topic and caring a lot more for keeping it simple). Analyze the internal and external environment, understands your positioning to the next years, and understand where your target should be. Then you just need get ready to throw the dart! (And don’t worry too much, you’ll only understand all this after learning a little bit on the way).

To begin with, of course, a good coffee from Espírito Santo. From that point on our morning went through with talks about our market: other independent group, festivals and distribution portals, looking to identify significant attributes to a quick understanding of the market. That, along with our yesterday work, helped us to raise the Opportunities and Threatens that we have in our field of vision. We ended this part of the day in a detailed talk about the experience acquired with the project and through living, pointing out equally the problem as much as what went right.

Starting with these we could list with precision (at least, with as much precision that we needed) internal elements that are Strengths and Weakness of Aduge, that we can consider as the box that we found (or missed) the tool that which we can build games. A brief stop for a vegetarian nachos for lunch, funny talks and some more episodes from Extra Credits. After that an essential thin for all the warmth that is here at the beach: ice cream, lot’s of ice cream!

Time to be brace! “Where will Aduge be in March 2013″ is, well, a harsh question to realistically articulate. But with different fronts of talks we became less and less wimpy and took the chance to bring an answer to the main topics: how many games should we develop? which festivals will us take part? how will the internal and administrative  be? Where is the fish?

The afternoon went on quickly while we synced our mental images, using from a more theoretical to absurd metaphors approaches and exemplifications using glasses. To find a vocabulary wasn’t an easy task, but in the end we got to our objectives in a natural way, focusing in the moment of delivering the projects.

So where will we be in March 2013? A little bit of mystery doesn’t hurt anyone, so we live to you to find out while and when we announce our next projects! But we promise, lot’s of news soon, stay tuna! ><·>

Following our commitment to keep in touch with our readers, here is a batch of fresh news to you!

From the 08th to the 10th of November, Aduge was in Florinópolis to the SBGames 2010. Between the usual networking, inspiring keynotes and long treks under the sun, we had the surprise of Sembante, in it’s Global Game Jam incarnation, being awarded on the SBGames’ Indie Festival. The awards were the 2nd “Best Game Overall” and “Best Game Design”. Thanks to the judges! To everyone that is coming here to the Ghostboard because of Semblante, make sure to try the updated, IGF version.

Also among the best paper awards we had our share of surprises: congratulations to our two dear adugans, Bruno Bulhões and Thiago ‘Beto’ Alves, for the award of best paper on the Art & Design track.

Going forward a little, it is with great relief that we can announce that 5/6 members of our team already presented their graduation projects. Our positive energies stay with the 1/6 that didn’t. =]

And with this we finish this particular brief round of updates. When we recover from the excitement of these past few days we will return full speed ahead!

Presenting: the protagonist!

We are proud to finally present to all our readers the protagonist of Tsar Project.

These last months we were hard at work on his personality, backstory and design to create an unforgettable and unique character that represents the deep experience we wish to create with this game. And what character would be better on a stealth game than a powerful ninja?

Shadow Crow, the deadly shadow. From the secret valleys in the heart of China, his motives to be in Moscow are completely mysterious.  Is he under the command of a powerful noble? Is he on a personal vendetta, nurtured by sleepless nights? His figure is pale and stealthy, his movements are deadly. Shadow is armed with nigh-infinite shurikens, a kusari-gama cursed by 9001 demons from the 6 Shintoist hells and sharp iron claws forged by the steel wielded by his dead enemies.

As the game progresses we will discover together what obscure secrets motivates Shadow to plunge into the cold night of Moscow, and the scars left by his painful and irredeemable past. No one can stop him, his power is maximum. The Tsar Project is the greatest opportunity to become the greatest of ninjas!

We’re now entering Tsar’s Project Production Planning. More information soon.

With one meter high and directly from the under-meta-world comes this soft blue creature. It’s mission is not known, but all the creatures that have come to his path know it is quite fast and has a dark sense of humor. We may add it also has a quite flexible moral. This little creature is not a Pokémon (and will probably hurt you a lot if you dare to compare him to one). It attends by the name of Bichinho, and has more girlfriends than you ever dreamed of.

Although not originally created for this purpose, Bichinho is the main character of project Cedilha. It has gathered many fans, probably because of the combination between a cute and smiling appearance, and a definitely strong personality. We would like to enjoy the opportunity, and make a quick interview with Mr. Bichinho. (we’ll be having automatic translation)

Ghost Board: How do you feel being so loved and desired?

Bichinho: Meh, I don’t really care. As long as people don’t get into my way, they can desire me as much as they want.

GB: In which Olympic sport would you like to take part?

Bichinho: Any. /me love sports. With the right uniform I can do anything.

GB: But then, wouldn’t you be Kirby?

- The interview had to be interrupted, as our interviewer had to be changed and taken immediately to the surgery room. We quickly replaced him by another. -

GB: Our readers would like to know what inspires you to keep running through the levels.

Bichinho: Have you ever asked yourself where you came from? I’m sure I’ll find something at the end of all this.

GB: Do you feel bad, or what do you feel when people think you’re a pokemon?

- We gave up. Two interviewers in one day is way too much. -

(This interview was brought to you by Ingrid Skare, casually known as Night-Fox, or simply as Fox. Ingrid is Cedilha level designer, but is now busy learning pixel art.)

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