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And here it is: Semblante 2.0, the IGF version. It’s a full revamp of the previous version, as we ported the game to the Construct Game Creator.

As it is a full port and a redesign, pretty much everything is changed between visuals, mechanical tweaks, level design etc. We will improve this version as the time goes by as since we had more than 48 hour to develop Semblante 2.0 the code and all the production pipeline is much simpler, which makes improvements, bugfixing and asset implementation way easier than what we could achieve on the Game Maker version.

And yes, Semblante is one of the 391 games competing at the 13th Independent Games Festival. We submitted it for all the tiny bits of publicity we can get and to receive feedback from the judges and peers.

To download the latest version of Semblante click here. Or you can go grab it on the game’s main page.

See you.

3 Comments on “Semblante 2.0 (IGF Version) ”

  1. Florzinha 2010.10.21 17h35


  2. Cupcake 2010.10.21 17h35

    Uhul! Parabéns galera! Já estou baixando para testar essa maravilha da tecnologia!

  3. Animmaniac 2010.10.21 17h35

    cool!! finalmente consegui ver as sombras funcionando!
    só tenho que jogar mais um pouco pra ver como ficou o final.

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