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We are finally back from the Global Game Jam and we’d like to produdly present the result of our 48 hour effort: Semblante.

Before I start, a brief clarification. “Semblante” is a portuguese word that means “visage”. A good reason for the choice of this particular name was because it is a phonetically pleasing word (when spoken in native portuguese at least) the other reasons are pretty much subjective and we leave to each one his own to think about it or not.

The game is still a little incomplete as of now, even if it has a beginning and an end, as we need to work out some of the mechanics, asset implementations and general level design. Semblante is also quite simple, you control Jung inside its own mind as it searches for its own identity (represented as a mask) while avoiding the shadows that lurks within. The metaphor is obvious and I will not linger on it anymore.

The mechanics are pretty simple. Jung has 4 mechanics. It can move, jump, shine and scream. To shine, the character needs to stay in light spots to charge its body. Jung glows for a limited amount of time and while it is glowing, shadows are repelled by it. Jung can also use its remaining glow to scream and attract shadows to itself. We have a lot of bugs to work out still but the core mechanics are all there.

The guys at PUCPR jam site (we are at the right, with “uniforms”)

Aside from the game itself and talking about the Jam itself. It was a pleasing (and exhausting) experience to participate on a Global Game Jam. The extra hands were crucial for the game to come into fruition. In the name of the team I’d like to thank, Flor, Santo, Paulo and Rossato for their effort and dedication during the Jam. We also want to thank Bruno Campagnolo for organizing the Jam Site and the free sodas and sfihas. We’d like to do it again next year!

6 Comments on “Semblante”

  1. Santo 2010.02.02 15h26

    Jung… Brilha muito na Global Game Jam

  2. Bia Wolanski 2010.02.02 15h26

    Flor tá mó gaténho na foto…hehe

    Ei, por que vocês nunca me falam desses projetinhos diver? Quero ver!

  3. ingridskare 2010.02.02 15h26

    Bia, tá acessível via o link colocado no post, é só baixar =)
    E o projeto veio de surpresa, todo o conceito foi criado na hora, no dia, não tinha como avisar antes.

  4. Paulo Ricardo Reinehr 2010.02.02 15h26

    para o tempo que a gente tinha acho que o resultado foi bem satisfatório.
    que venha o próximo GGJ!

  5. Florzinha 2010.02.02 15h26

    Em minha defesa, estava chovendo.

  6. Arthur 2010.02.02 15h26

    Eu gosto de ler os post da aduge, principalmente aqueles que falam do progresso da semana e de outras coisas interessantes que nós leigos no desenvolvimento de jogos não conhecemos.
    Estou esperando o próximo Post.

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