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Just to update you guys on what we are up to lately: there will be a new Semblante version coming soon. December 2nd to be more precise. See you soon.

Following our commitment to keep in touch with our readers, here is a batch of fresh news to you!

From the 08th to the 10th of November, Aduge was in Florinópolis to the SBGames 2010. Between the usual networking, inspiring keynotes and long treks under the sun, we had the surprise of Sembante, in it’s Global Game Jam incarnation, being awarded on the SBGames’ Indie Festival. The awards were the 2nd “Best Game Overall” and “Best Game Design”. Thanks to the judges! To everyone that is coming here to the Ghostboard because of Semblante, make sure to try the updated, IGF version.

Also among the best paper awards we had our share of surprises: congratulations to our two dear adugans, Bruno Bulhões and Thiago ‘Beto’ Alves, for the award of best paper on the Art & Design track.

Going forward a little, it is with great relief that we can announce that 5/6 members of our team already presented their graduation projects. Our positive energies stay with the 1/6 that didn’t. =]

And with this we finish this particular brief round of updates. When we recover from the excitement of these past few days we will return full speed ahead!


Hello boys and girls!

It is a joyfull surpriese to discover a increasing number of Brazilian submissions to the 13th Indie Game Festival!  In these few days since the announcement of the full list of entries we ware able to spot no less than 10 games from Brazil!

The first one is easy, our own revisited expressiveness experiment Semblante. Next is our godchildren Studio MiniBoss‘  lovely/grim and adventurous Talbot’s Odyssey. The third known name for us in the list was Cargo Delivery, a beautiful and puzzling physics/logistics game by the Cats in the Sky. The last one already know to us was the cute and iPaddy Jules: Unboxing the World by the Sulistas.
The others we just found after a deeper look in the list and, unfortunately, I did’t got the chance to take a better look on them. Thus, I’m still not be able to write one of those savvy tag lines! But here they are: Ranch Wars by Bacon Studios, TriLinea ReAct by Tendi, Nature’s Protector Remix by FACENS, Lumaki and Freekscape – Escape from Hell both by Kidguru Studios and Bugs: Lights and Shadows by Aleph Games.

That’s it for now, hope I’ll write again soon with more intelligence on all the games! By now I suggest you take a look on them!

Indies, unite!

And here it is: Semblante 2.0, the IGF version. It’s a full revamp of the previous version, as we ported the game to the Construct Game Creator.

As it is a full port and a redesign, pretty much everything is changed between visuals, mechanical tweaks, level design etc. We will improve this version as the time goes by as since we had more than 48 hour to develop Semblante 2.0 the code and all the production pipeline is much simpler, which makes improvements, bugfixing and asset implementation way easier than what we could achieve on the Game Maker version.

And yes, Semblante is one of the 391 games competing at the 13th Independent Games Festival. We submitted it for all the tiny bits of publicity we can get and to receive feedback from the judges and peers.

To download the latest version of Semblante click here. Or you can go grab it on the game’s main page.

See you.

Hello everyone!

I’m very glad to announce that Tsar Project is now officially  in production!

The next Tsar Update Bruno will lay more details in every department’s work, but for now I’ll give you a shot from the studio and some information on my work:

Josifka & Adaboria

In the background our beautiful 64sq ft pinning board, full of references and WIPs, including beta versions of the game’s map, sound design equalization and chord maps, plot drafts and else. It is a greatly useful feature for a creative studio, indeed.

Those in the foreground are little models I’ve done recently of two types of guards we’ll have in the Kremlin, they’re made of platicine, and still WIP, but are already useful in finding the right angle for their sprites.

Behind them you can (NOT) see three models of our protagonist, in whom my work is focused now, primarily in doing his basic movements animations and sprites.

Last but not least there is the Tsar Project logo!!! We have decided to use the same principle of the studio’s visual ID in our in development projects, so the typography is the same Cedilha Script and the logo in a brush stroke monogram of Tsar (actually, Царь).

Type to you later, and have a nice week!


Yesterday was Aduge’s 3rd birthday!!!

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