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Last time I’ve written to you the Studio was dealing with the troubles of working in a city under the fear of Influenza. Our classes in the Universities were suspended, we were avoiding getting out of our homes, and of course, the real tension of the flu threat disturbed us.

But, hey! The sun is shining again!

The Unis reopened, and we’re all healthy, probably immunized and excited to work. Actually during this period of compulsory recession we’ve never stopped working anyway, some new dynamics and methods were introduced to our workdays. One of these is the fact that now we do work in cycles of fortnights, starting in the first Tuesday of the month we work two days in our administrative affairs; that, after a little strategy revision during last July, we separate in four main divisions, being them Personnel, Process, Marketing and Finances; so, two days in our administrative affairs, the next two days we work in our current project; that we’ll announce very soon and that you’ll be able to keep track of trough a production diary; and then it’s Saturday! Party ti- NOT. For the last 2 years we’ve been doing our main meetings in the Saturdays’ evenings. It is in these meetings that we make decisions, discuss the directions that we want our projects to go, plan our weeks and fortnights. Sunday and Monday are the free days for the Adugans; Mondays are free in the sense that we do not work in the ongoing project nor in the administrative divisions, Beto, Bruno, Ingrid and I work in our combined college degree project that we call twinbirds, Vermon has classes in college, and Marcel studies piano and music theory; after this free days we have four days of work in the project, one more Saturday meeting, this time with reports of the fortnight work, and then those free days and the cycles restarts.

The weather is great in Curitiba, so they say. Bright sun and warm dry breeze, this clean celeste skies makes everybody happy. In my humble opinion a plain grey cloudy sky is much better, like an empty sheet of paper, but of course, this warmth is great to utterly send that fear away.

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