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Well, well, almost 3 months and no news eh? You must be wondering if we are dead or something, right? Well, not quite. Let me explain.

We are currently a little away from our Aduge work and specially Tsar Project in these last 3 months. This is because all adugans are currently working on their graduation projects, and yes, everyone of us six at the same time. Because of this we are a little overburdened and we decided that we should slow down production on Tsar Project until December to maximize our productivity on our graduation projects and, well, live to see another year after all this.

However Aduge is not completely frozen in time. We are still working on Semblante, porting it into the Construct game maker, tweaking and making it better overall in order to send it to the IGF by October 18th.

With this post over with, expect others soon (this time we mean it), with more news from these past few weeks. Most of them involve Semblante, but there are some related to our grad. projects and to the SBGames 2010. Stay tuned.

  1. Florzinha
    2010.10.06 15h32

    Oh, nice to hear some news. Really happy about Semblante, hope to see you guy at the SBGames!

  2. AngryBaboon
    2010.10.06 15h32

    My canary has circles under his eyes!

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